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Why Kerala

It is not likely that a person standing on the coast of Malabar now would ever think that this small piece of land of Kerala has played such a glorious (vital) role in “shaping world history”. The unabated torrent of time has left very little of the marks of the bygone ages. Howmany races, people and religions have come to her coast and paraded on leaving the indelible legacies of their culture; the Negritos, the Proto-Australoids, the Mediteranians, the Aryans and the Mangols; the Phoenicians, the Asyrians, the Israelites, the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, the Portuguese, the Dutch, The French and the English; the Vedic Hindus, the Christians, the Jews and the Muslims. All remain obscure beyond the misty antiquity, except the very special culture and society.

That is why “National Georgraphical Traveller” wrote, “Kerala stands out as the Mount Everest of social development; there is truly no place like this”. Thornton Wilder said, “Heaven is my destination”. Won’t he be satisfied with Kerala, the green paradise, the Gods Own Country? Kerala is a land of diversity and contrasts. Travel eastward - the violent frency of Arabian Sea, the tranquility of the placid backwaters, the spice covered rolling hillocks, the valleys of emerald green paddy fields, the charming exotica of wild life and the exhilarating misty mountain, in a matter of under hundred kilometers. It is unique! It is unusual! Perhaps no other country in the world can offer this much diversity in so small an area.

The distance is just twelve kilometers from the bustling metropolis of Thiruvananthapuam to the all pervading peace under the murmuring coconut groves of Kovalam. How different is the slow, delicate, sensual movements of a Mohiniyattam dancer from the violent gradeur of a ‘kathi’ character of Kathakali !! How different is the solitary chanting of ‘manthras’ from a temple from uproarious utterances of slogans by the political demonstrators.

Here is the mother nature’s very best coupled with the inherant mystic peace: the Green Paradise !!